Welcome to Ingenuity Business Management Consultants


ingenuity_105633164We are experts in our field

An expert group of business management consultants based just outside Belfast, Northern Ireland, Ingenuity engages in and delivers consulting, training and coaching / mentoring support across a range of business disciplines.  Our services range from leadership and management to sales training and marketing training, finance to project management, performance management and business strategy.  Establishing our expertise across a wide range of business areas in Northern Ireland and the UK has enabled us to add real value to the business with which we work.


We add value through Ingenious Ideas

Ingenuity provides a fresh and innovative outlook on all aspects of your business.  Whether your business is a large corporate PLC or an SME / Micro Business, our team of business management consultants have a history of working with organisations to bring creativity and innovation to the workplace.  We help you to be proactive in developing your ideas and help you to realise that anything is possible with a little ingenuity!


We are results focused 

Due to our dedicated ‘hands on’ approach with you, our business management consultants help you to get the results which you have been searching for.  Ingenuity has a wealth of  industry knowledge and our business management consultants can give you highly effective support and advice to achieve your results now and in the future.  We measure success not by what we do, but what you do as a result of our work.