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Ingenuity Management Consultancy & Training

Why Ingenuity?

A leading professional business consultancy firm operating in Northern Ireland and across the UK, we work hard to ensure that a difference is made to your company through our business management consultants’ expertise and our ‘ingenious ideas.’

Providing a bespoke service to professional clients and being constantly there for them is our team’s ethos and has been fundamental to our success.

We are driven by results.  Your results. Whether you are a small Micro / SME company or a large Corporate PLC, the same care goes into training your employees so that they can succeed in delivering the desired outcomes unique to you.

We work with you to agree the desired outcomes and the delivery method. We can provide training workshops, one-to-one coaching and/or mentoring or a combination of both.  We ensure that your people have the skills and competencies required to enhance your business and deliver the results you need.

To achieve all of the above we look at business related issues realistically and our training is bespoke to each of the programme or business requirements. Our delivery is known for being presented in a creative, upbeat and an innovative manner.

‘We are judged not by what we do but by what you do as a result of our work.”  Ian Laverty, Managing Director of Ingenuity.

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