Sales Questioning Technique

Asking great questions improves our sales process.

Our customers don’t respond to sales messages like they used to. The idea of discussing benefits rather than features is no longer strong enough. It’s very 1990s. There are too many sales and marketing people trying the very same thing. As customers we become conditioned to these messages which results in us not hearing, not believing and/or not being interested when benefits are being explained.

Today’s customer needs to be engaged. Particularly for high value transactions. We need to develop trust and we need to make the customer believe that the product we have was created just for them. We do that through a deeper level of conversation.

The key to an effective sales process isn’t what we tell the customer to convince them to buy from us. It’s what we ask them.

The key to asking the right questions is knowing the answer we want to achieve before we even ask.

The real skill of today’s sales person is developing a questioning technique that enables us to understand every motivator and buying criteria the customer has, but to do so subtly. When we are asking questions we control and direct the conversation and therefore the sales process. If we can shape those questions so that the customer provides the answer we desire then our traditional sales presentation is, in part, delivered by the customer themselves. Now they feel like they are ‘buying’ rather than being sold to.

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