Finance Training

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Finance Training

A key understanding of financial management is important for businesses in order to be able to grow effectively in today’s economic climate.

It is important that Managers improve their financial understanding and develop the fundamentals of finance. Ingenuity’s finance training methods can deliver this understanding.

At Ingenuity, we teach you the principles of financial management in business and provide you with an in-depth understanding of financial management terminology and techniques in order to help you as a leader to make more informative decisions.  This knowledge of specific financial tools will also be able to help you assess the financial value and ability of your company.

We understand the need for Managers to have an understanding in key financial concepts in the business, therefore we help you through finance training to:

Develop your understanding of your business finance.

  • Learn how to improve your financial performance in the short and long-term; and
  • Understand how your decisions can affect the financial performance of your company.

To achieve all of the above:

  • Key ratios are explored.
  • Key trends and areas for concern are reviewed.
  • Financial Jargon is explained.
  • Financial Statements are studied, including P&L, balance sheet and cash flow.


Ingenuity will endeavour to give you the confidence and credibility when making business decisions which will influence your financial performance and improve your financial management skills.