Leadership Training

Leadership training

Leadership Training at Ingenuity

Future leaders need to learn from the right leadership training to improve their skillset?  We can help you to achieve this.

 “A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions and the compassion to listen to the needs of others.” (Douglas MacArthur)

Leaders play a very important role in companies today.  It is not only important for the company to benefit from leaders but it is equally important for the leaders to grow and flourish within the company.

In order for leaders to be able to continually improve and build upon their competencies, it is fundamental for them to identify their own leadership & management style.  This will enable them to gain greater engagement from their position, to improve upon their leadership performance & development and enhance their job satisfaction.  Other beneficial results for the business include high morale within teams, good employee retention and long-term success.

At Ingenuity, we offer leadership training in order to develop your leadership skills throughout the organisation.

Our consultants have successfully trained and mentored potential leaders in:

  • Effective Strategic Leadership & Executive Management Development;
  • Communication in the Workforce;
  • Improvement of leadership competencies;
  • Improvement of your own self-awareness;
  • Planning & Organisation;
  • Decisiveness;
  • Leading Employees;
  • Creating a more engaged and productive workforce in order to improve the economic performance of the company;
  • How to achieve sustainable leadership; and
  • Business Coaching.

Whether you are a supervisor, junior, middle or senior manager or even a CEO of a large organisation, Ingenuity provides you with in depth training in order to improve your leadership qualities and of course network with leaders from other businesses.