Practical e-LearningWe recognise that training and development is changing. Slowly but surely the momentum is towards online e-learning. It won’t be long before that momentum becomes unstoppable and e-learning becomes the primary method of learning in the workplace.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing either. e-learning confers many benefits to the organisation and whilst you lose the personal touch and the support to implement the learning the benefits can still be attractive:

  • It’s usual cheaper;
  • You can do it in the comfort of your own environment; and
  • You can complete it in your own time.

At them moment however, e-learning tends to focus on Continuous Personal Development, Qualifications or Certification. What if you just want to get better at something. What if you undertook e-learning and received something practical at the back end.

We’ve started a project to create an e-learning tool for businesses. It focusses on sales and marketing training for professionals selling their products and services. There’s no qualification. There’s no certificate at completion. There are numerous awarding bodies who can already supply this if you’re looking to build your CV.

Rather, what we’re doing is creating a tool that takes you through the learning and asks you to apply it to your business. At completion what you’ll get is a complete sales plan with content specific and bespoke to your business. If you think this would be worthwhile then we’re asking for your help to bring it to life. We’re funding this through crowd funding at Kickstarter. If you believe this would be useful we’re asking for a small contribution – no more than the price of a takeaway. If you back it, we’ll make it worth your while. We’ll give every backer access to the e-learning tool on launch so that you get the benefit of the training/learning and the sales plan in your business. You can find out more and watch our video at: