31 January 2015

We’ve spent much of the last few weeks working with businesses to help them shape their digital marketing activities. With so many social networks to keep on top of (see our last blog highlighting some useful stats) choosing which of those to use is more complicated than it used to be.

Whichever you use, the objectives remain broadly the same: raise your company’s profile and drive customers to your website where you will encourage them to engage with you. Your website remains the hub – just as it is for this blog for example.

mobile marketing

It’s not about the technology you use in your business….

If you’re active on social media then you’re engaging with customers in an increasingly mobile world. The majority of social media usage is via smartphone devices (60% according to Business Insider in Sept 2014). That means that if you are asking them to arrive at your website through these networks then most of them are going to be arriving on mobile.

How easy is it for your customers to view your website on mobile? Is it mobile optimised or responsive?

How easy is it for customers to view your social media activity on mobiles?

When they arrive at the website, how easy is it for them to engage? Are all of the calls to action there? Are they easy to find? Are they easy to engage with using fingers and thumbs?

I’ve often been asked by businesses which technologies they should be using for their digital marketing activity. If you’re thinking this too then you’re pondering the question in a back-to-front manner. Rather than starting there, consider this: it’s not about the technology you use in your business, it’s about how easy you make it for your customers to use their technology to engage with you.

Ian Laverty

Managing Director