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Public Speaking Training with Ingenuity

Not everyone is comfortable speaking in front of an audience.  To some it can be uncomfortable. For others it induces a feeling of fear and trepidation.  In fact, it is the number 1 fear above spiders, flying, death and even clowns! The good news is that it doesn’t have to be.

You can be an effective public speaker with the right level of public speaking training.  Being a confident speaker is one of the biggest boosts to anyone’s career and the ability of presenting effectively in front of an audience can:

  • help you sell your products, your services or even yourself;
  • help you to have engaged employees, teams and colleagues;and
  • Improve your profile and help you to be identified for your capabilities and skills.

Our consultants are experienced public speakers and speak regularly at conferences all over the UK and have even presented at conferences in the United States.

Our presentation skills and public speaking training can take the shape of one-to-one coaching or group training sessions. We have worked with executives, senior management and business owners to help them:

  • speak without fear or apprehension;
  • control and overcome their fears;
  • learn to relax and even enjoy presenting;
  • deliver engaging and interesting presentations and speeches; and
  • ensure that the desired objectives are achieved from any presentation.