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At Ingenuity we understand that Sales is the life-blood of any commercial organisation.  Often seen as the poor relation in professional circles, the reality is that no sales means no sustainable business.

Our consultants have extensive experience in B2B and B2C sales in both large corporate PLC’s and in SME & Micro businesses.  Amongst our team we have former sales consultants, sales managers and sales directors. We ensure that you have an effective & efficient approach to improving your sales which can be done through a tailored sales training programme.

We work with you to identify how you will grow your sales in your own specific industry. Our diagnostic tools will help you identify areas for improvement and then follow through with a bespoke sales strategy, which includes tailored sales training. Our diagnostic process identifies the causes of sales under-performance including:

  • Poor lead generation;
  • Insufficient sales pipeline;
  • Poor sales opportunity conversion;
  • Bottle-necks in the sales pipeline and too few deals getting over the line; and
  • Struggling to close deals.

At Ingenuity, we provide a range of sales training and development initiatives to overcome these issues and to improve sales performance.  With knowledge of all the latest sales tools and selling techniques, we ensure that future targets will be achieved through improved performance.

Our consultants can help your organisation with:

  • Development of a sales strategy;
  • Increasing Revenue & Sales Performance
  • Sales performance assessment and diagnostic tools;
  • Identification and accumulation of prospects;
  • Lead generation;
  • Determining your KPI’s;
  • Improving Sales Processes;
  • One-to-one or sales team training;
  • Tele-sales success;
  • Sales & Staff under-performance issues
  • Creating compelling sales messages;
  • Winning more deals;
  • Sales performance tracking and evaluation; and
  • Identify consumers’ needs in order to sell effectively.

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