Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring is central to Ingenuity’s most effective work. Mentoring is defined as being concerned with ‘growing an individual, both professionally and personally’. It is linked with excellence in professional and career development. Coaching is defined with a narrower remit than mentoring, and relates to specific areas of performance and role outcomes. Both coaching and mentoring are often partnered to training to support the implementation of learning.

Having a sounding board is vital to any senior manager, executive or business owner. Sometimes it’s just someone to share ideas with. Sometimes it’s someone to play devil’s advocate in an independent and objective capacity. Occasionally it’s an expert in a particular field of business knowledge that’s required.

Ingenuity consultants are experienced in coaching and mentoring, having provided one-to-one services to senior executives across large corporate PLCs and to many SME & micro business owners. We ensure that we provide your companies with extensive support advice in order for you to make effective transitions within your business. We have delivered both coaching and mentoring services on behalf of Government funded development programmes for SMEs, and as approved mentors to Chamber of Commerce members in both Northern Ireland and Scotland.

The areas which we specialise in coaching & mentoring include:

* Leadership;

* Strategy Development;

* Creativity and Innovation;

* Management Qualifications;

* Sales;

* Marketing;

* Digital Marketing;

* Tendering;

* Finance for non-finance managers;

* Commercial Awareness;

* Project Management; and

* Specialised Training.