Non-Executive Directors

Non-Executive Directors | Ingenuity

We can be effective Non-Executive Directors on your board

Non-Executive Directors can aid your business with good corporate governance, act as a devil’s advocate, bring creative new ideas to your organisation or to act as an independent sounding board from your boardroom. Our Senior Consultants are experienced in the dynamics and politics of the boardroom environment. If you are looking to employ a Non-Executive Director for your boardroom and are looking for someone experienced in the role of a Non-Executive Director, you need look no further. Our senior consultants have worked in the role of Non-Executive Directors in various business sectors.

As a non-executive director of your company we will be able to:

* Contribute to the direction of the company.

* Effectively and efficiently solve problems as they arise.

* Provide opinions impartially.

* Bring specialist subject knowledge on board which will help with the decision making process.

* Provide strategic direction.

* Be able to monitor performance more effectively because we are an ‘outsider.’

* Communicate more effectively and give a 3rd party view.

* Provide the in-depth knowledge and insights needed to help a business in improve.

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